May 30, 2009

Death curry?

Went out and tried some ridiculously hot curry with a few friends at Brick Lane the other day. Only I and one other guy ended up doing the Phaal challenge. This is that infamous restaurant with the gas masks. I usually have lots of vindaloo but this thing was pretty damn intense. I could barely finish it and I'm lucky I ordered paneer instead of lamb.

As Komugi is my witness, I'll never eat anything that hot again. This is "seeing lights in the corner of your eyes" level hot.

I got this little certificate for completing it.

Posing while in lots of pain

I do wear my Momoi T-shirts even in NYC for completely unrelated stuff :) If I had a bit less shame I probably would have brought my Habanero-tan figure to the restaurant table as a mascot too, but alas I keep my otaku tendencies on the down-low here limited to innocent looking apparel and Suara phone straps.

Also I should probably write my Fanime report soon too. It was pretty nice though, and I finally got peer-pressured into signing up for flickr so I already uploaded some items there. Also signed up for a twitter account but I haven't tried it out much yet (3 days too late now since I COULD have been updating at the convention). We'll see how things go...

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May 21, 2009

One day left

Hopping on the 6pm flight from JFK to SJC. Looking forward to seeing the usual group, and also any new Momoists we haven't met before. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself.

Gonna enjoy trying to get this through airport security as a carry-on.

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May 14, 2009

Fanime schedule posted

If you only care about Momoi's events and don't feel like parsing through that huge pile of unsearchable jpegs though, you should read tenton's summary here instead.

Dude, 2 and 1/2 hours...

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May 6, 2009

Momoi is bringing her live band to Fanime

Announced by Momoi on her blog

Benefits of live:

1. She can improvise or extend performances at will tailored to the audience response.
2. Live versions are specially made to be performed during a show, so they sound refreshingly different from, and sometimes better than, the karaoke versions.
3. Due to the staff involved, a concert is likely to be longer (unlike 30 minutes in Hawaii).
4. The last time Momoi brought a guest to AX, it turned out to be Manzo who performed during the intermission.
5. If Taiwan can have a live band dammit so can we!

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May 1, 2009

Dear Albany

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