June 30, 2009

Month-end figure arrival

Haven't listed any new figures in a while. Don't worry despite the tragic loss of a few favorites in "the great fire" (R.I.P. 1/8 Milfa, 1/8 Ilfa, 1/8 Pastel Ink, and others), I'm still getting them regularly. Kaitendo's 1/6 Tamaki (blue box behind) delayed my order for a month and a half, but everything finally arrived today. This 1/4 Nanoha has some great details (clear lines even on the fingernails) but the plastic feels cheap and weighs so little that I'm afraid to pick it up without snapping it in half without the support attachment. It's definitely one of those figures I have to handle with kid gloves.

When scaled to 1/8 Nanoha, she appears to be a bit on the short end. How can a 1/4 adult be only twice as tall as her 1/8 child self? I might just be spoiled though. My first 1/6th figure being Magical Girl Rin set artificially high standards for everything else because that was basically a 1/4 figure molded out of solid steel but mislabeled as 1/6 PVC.


1/4 Fate, the partner in crime, should arrive in 5 months (Don't look at the same page on amazon.co.jp if you don't live in Japan, it will only make you sad).

Also, checking my orders today though, I realized I missed the first press *Dreamy Maple Crown* Blu-Ray. Somehow I thought I already preordered it when the newsmail first came out, but I apparently didn't. Slightly pissed off about that one, especially because the 1st press DVD taunts me by being not sold out yet.

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June 27, 2009

I suppose it was inevitable

When you hang around Momoists a lot, you get infected by the camera nerd disease.I decided to go with Nikon, since as another fan put it so simply, "we need another Nikon guy."

With the seed planted in Hawaii this March, and watered thoroughly at Fanime last month, the initial whim to start playing around with DSLRs has finally come to fruition.

Today, the last piece of a recent string of photo-related purchases arrived to make a usable, if not hastily assembled kit that I intend to carry around for my upcoming trips. It consists of: one Nikon D700 body, two very basic lenses (Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens, Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens), a Gitzo GT3541LS tripod, and a Really Right Stuff BH-55 head with Pro II clamp and RRS D700 quick release plates. This seems to be what was most recommended by others. Of course, while getting "recommended" gear is cool and all, I'm still aware that as a beginner amateur, the biggest limiting factor will be my own crappy skill so I probably won't really appreciate it until a few years down the road.

I also plan to get Nikon's 14-24mm if I do decide to go to Japan this summer for Comiket and Animelo 09, as I would use it heavily in the week between while hiking Mt. Fuji and doing other stereotypical tourist stuff (with less time devoted to buying crap this time around).

Animelo is up in the air right now since I am a little tempted by a few other certain events. I do plan to get the 70-200mm VR whenever Momoi comes to the states again though (next year please - because everyone seems to think it's going to get refreshed with a better version).

In the short term, I have a big batch of figures arriving soon, probably Monday, including the giant 1/4 Nanoha which I will use to test-drive the long end of the Tamron.

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