August 26, 2009

Shirasawa Rie

Take KOTOKO from her denpa glory days (circa 2003), crank up the kyunkyun dials a few dozen degrees, and you get 21 year old Shirasawa Rie (白沢理恵) - a sharp young ave;new singer with a voice so cute it causes brain damage.

Rie-chan, winner of "ave;new vocal audition" in 2007, made her public debut at that year's Winter Comiket. Soon after, she began appearing quite regularly as both a blogger on the ave;new website, and as a frequent target of Sakura Saori's "LOOK AT MY CUTE LITTLE SISTER" posts in LovableNote. In February 2008, she had her first song released on the ave;new album 'Orb' (Jewel Colors). Since then, despite her busy schedule as a full time university student, she has maintained a consistent blogging presence on ave;new, released four solo songs of her own (with one more on the way), and appeared as a background singer during Animelo 2008.

Though these accomplishments are impressive for a newbie part-timer, and not an episode of LoveLoveLovable goes by without her senpai Saori plugging Rie-chan this or Rie-chan that, the pitifully small discography hasn't helped her gain much real exposure. To make things worse, half of Rie's current works aren't even available on album or maxi single - they are single tracks bundled with obscure erogame soundtracks or drama CDs.

Luckily, I do not expect this to go on much longer. Lately, Rie has been drafted to support avenewproject initiatives which have been wildly successful. She collaborated with Shaori and Miyu to make fantastically catchy tracks for the Twin Angels series, all of which were released this June in the second AvePro album, A LA MODE 2. Her latest duet with Shaori in Momoe Pulchu's theme song "Double Shooting Pulchu" released at Comiket 76 also displayed considerable skill and was the primary motivation for me to write this. I now feel that Shirasawa Rie is ave;new's most underused singer. Ok so she may be going to school now, but once she graduates...please PLEASE lock her up in a moesong sweatshop with dorechu and throw away the key! This is someone who needs to make up for lost time.


  • Able to sing insanely cute songs at 21 years old while being a full time student.
  • Cosplays and makes funny faces
  • Learning quickly from Sakura Saori. She even shares some of her speech patterns and habits


  • Not enough songs!
  • May not be immune to aforementioned brain damage effects of own voice. It's kind of funny how her commentary went from fairly run-of-the-mill to WTF psych ward patient?

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