March 5, 2010

March means double Yukarin calendars

Momoi's calendars run from January to December and come in a nice case which doubles as a table stand. Tamura Yukari on the other hand, is too good for us plebes to care about our limited wall real estate. So she'll just make her 2010 Calendar start in March, even though her 2009 calendar runs through April. Inevitably, with this overlap, both are hung together and I am drawn the compare the two.

2009 Calendar

Calendar dates as "tear off strip" on edge of poster. This means you can reuse each page as a B2 poster.

2010 Calendar

Calendar dates are part of the B2 portion of the poster. This means it looks pretty bootleg to hang these up once the month has passed - unless you're willing to live with the slight offset

And talk about a noticeable downgrade. While 2009 kept the dates as extra removable strips outside of the B2 area of the posters, 2010's calendar date cuts into the poster itself. BY TWO WHOLE MILLIMETERS!! Thanks a lot Yukari!

Update: actually I must have been hallucinating when I wrote this (at 1AM). Just took a spare B2 I had lying around and you know what I realized? Both calendars are actually B2 size including the date strip. That means if you tear the dates off along the perforated lines, you have non-standard size posters. I've been living a lie this whole time!

Or so I would like to say if I were into sperging about minor details, but hell I just appreciate some seiyuu make huge calendars. This year's picture selection is quite good so all is instantly forgiven.

Now come on, Momoi, sell me some B2s!!!

Posted by Paranda at March 5, 2010 1:16 AM


>> This means it looks pretty bootleg to hang these up once the month has passed

*looks at 2007 Nana calendar on my wall*

nah it looks okay. xD

Posted by: danie~ at March 5, 2010 4:52 AM

> danie
I wouldn't be surprised if you had every Nana calendar/advertisement/2002 flyer posted up stalker newsroom style.

Does Nana's poster calendars come with perforated edges? I was thinking of buying one since my poster distribution is now insanely unbalanced.

Posted by: paranda at March 5, 2010 9:55 AM

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