May 15, 2010

Fanime 2010 approaches

Only two more weeks to go. This year, Momoi will be doing a novel questing format for her appearances. According to the Fanime news post, you can follow her around to several events and accumulate quest points for a prize, with each subsequent location being revealed. If this is true, it's possible that performances will not be limited to stage zero. Will we see Momoi go back to her old street performer days, doing stuff right out in the open supported only by a boombox and a crowd? It's not unworkable, as we learned very well last year.

Other assumptions:

  • Momoi will probably be in cosplay the whole time. We already had Anise last year, so it's anybody's guess we'll get this time but probably RPG related.

  • Glowsticks will be ineffective in well lit open areas. Alternatives could be uchiwas, towels, and light wands that you can switch off. This year, we will probably be primarily using uchiwa, and LD20s with separate Momoi attachments.

  • Street-style performances will involve crowding around in a circle. There will be little space or opportunity for photo taking. Despite just buying a brand new 70-200 for my camera, it may be wise to leave this in the hotel safe on certain days or just bring a point & shoot backup (I wonder if the Canon SD4000 will be out soon?).

  • Audience interaction and participation will be at a much higher level this time around. Know the concert calls. Of course reading material is always supplied and fans will be teaching anybody who wants to learn. Momoists are not elitists!

I'll also be changing my preparation based on this information. Last year, I went a little overkill with the powerglove, two glowstick belts, backup light pouches, multiple towel attachments, and enough armbands to look like sleeves on both sides. It's actually embarassing to see the old photos, so this year I will go in low profile with just my trusty lights and uchiwa. Kigurumi is also recently more common with Momoi events, but they are usually animal themed. While fine in Japan, in the US, this has unfortunately been co-opted by a very different subculture.

While writing this, I did get reminded that I never actually talked about what happened last year. In fact my last post on it was this. Well to put it simply, it was worth it, so anyone who is thinking about attending should definitely go. To put some closure to that and to finally get it off my plate, I'm going to post a really fast version of that went down last year. Short because I can't remember much aside from it being a euphoric blur.
Day 1
- Pick up people at airport via glowstick signalling system
- Hang around with people as they come in. One Japanese fan brought Momoi artworks which he then signed and sent off to the art show
- Cheer Momoi at Opening ceremony

- Attend 1st panel

- Buy lots of merchandise

- Follow a hunch that Momoi might show up at open karaoke. She didn't so we just cheered anybody who did a Momoi song

Day 2
- Autograph 1. Momoi shows up as Anise. Get stuff signed. Then loiter around the back door.

- Attend Fanimaid performance
- Find Momoi at the same event. She jumps in and starts doing calls with the crowd on the side. Then she jumped on stage with the maids.

- Attend 2nd panel. It got broadcast live on Nico. Unfortunately Momoi lost her scrapbook at this event and whoever took it never gave it back >:(
- Attend Call Workshop and give away UOs for everyone so they can do the synchronized UO thing during LOVE.EXE.
- Go to dinner. Sounds not Important, but then we had this short exchange. Approximately...

Group thought process: Hey we're going out to dinner. Let's see if Priz is done shopping with Momoi yet. Let's call him!

So I do.

Me: hey where are you?
Priz: I'm having dinner with Momoi. Hang on a second
*A few seconds later*
Momoi: "HELLLOO"

Fuck! Momoi is on the phone!. Trade a few words. Then...we eye the groggy japanese fans who were totally dead from jet lag. This ought to wake them up...

Handed over phone to confused fan without saying anything. Never saw anyone stiffen up so fast and switch to instant polite mode. We huddle around a tiny phone straining to hear with speakerphone while Momoi gives a pretty long pep talk.

Then as a favor, she left a voice mail (major major props to priz for this). ~Mail Me~ in real life!

Day 3:
- Attend Fanimaid cafe on Momoi rumor. No show, but we got good service because the people who ran the cafe liked Momoi fans :)
- Unwrapped a zillion glowsticks and delivered them to concert staff to hand out at the door
- Wait in line for a long time. One Japanese fan went in hobostyle 8 hours early with a cardboard sign
Attended concert. Momoi walks right off the stage and into the audience like it's no big deal (momoi owns).
Bunch of fans joked about joining her up on stage just like in Hawaii. Turned out it actually happened.
Discovered the weakness of cheap bulk UO - they turn yellow and go out much sooner than cyalume brand UO!

Day 4
- Get more stuff signed. The artist decided to let us keep these after the art show was over. Top center frame now sitting on my desk :)

- A reward for loitering this time: Momoi group photo! Almost a tradition now
- The actual tourist part of the vacation: go visit some places Momoi talked about visiting while she was here. Winchester House for example.
- Amusing sidestory while en route to Winchester: we went with some of the Japanese fans who had yet to have the classic AMERICAN DINER experience. Luckily, the place we went to just happened to be one of the most stereotypical places ever (gator motifs, booths, mobster-like setting, and huge HUGE portions). One guy got a massive bowl of pasta bigger than his head for $8.

Pretty awesome itinerary if I do say so myself. Needless to say...there's lots of incentive to go again, and I'm really looking forward to Fanime this year. Probably a lot more impromptu crowd stuff like the maid performance incident.

Posted by Paranda at May 15, 2010 11:31 PM


C'mon, camera guys would rather have the S90 over the S4000 (S90 is out now!), extra control dial, RAW, bigger sensor, etc.

Going to be nuts for me, since I'll be lugging around a camcorder and my DSLR (maybe 2!). I need a place for my water/sports drink, so I'll have my backpack, hopefully I shall find room for this. I should be weight lifting to see how fast I can move when I'm loaded down. ^_^

LD-20s might be bright enough for well-lit indoors. Maybe not outdoors in the bright sun.

I'm going to try to simplify things; probably go one glowstick/lightstick at a time (rarely using two).

Those bulk UOs from last year were actually defective, said one of the people who bought them.

Posted by: tenton at May 17, 2010 3:01 AM

I considered the S90 as well. I'd like for SD4000 to come out so I try out the HD movie mode in a store or something.

Then again whatever P&S I buy this year will be obsolete by next year. I'm more likely to buy a new bag than a new camera. It could be a better investment since I can't fit my current lenses into my kit as it is.

Posted by: paranda at May 17, 2010 10:44 PM

If the SD4000 works like every other Canon P&S, then once it hits the 4GB file limit, it will just stop recording video. With 720p video, the manual says ~20 minutes or so. Just so you know.

Camera bag is always nice.

Posted by: tenton at May 18, 2010 2:13 PM

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