July 8, 2010

Travel Plans

No Otakon for me this time. But with NYAF's Minorin announcement, I think I now have enough information to create a tentative plan of action for this fall. This will use the last of my vacation days for the year.

Itinerary (last updated 09/13, FINAL VERSION)

8/03/2010: Added both Momoi live houses. Sacrificed Fukuoka shows entirely, added MOSAIC.WAV event in Kyoto

7/22/2010: Momoi live house added, Tokyo Game Show added. Matsusaka food trip cancelled, 2nd Yukarin live in Fukuoka bumped.

09/17: Fly out to Narita Airport. Attend JAM Project MAXIMZER 10th Anniversary tour in Budokan.
09/18: Visit Tokyo Game Show 2010 during the day, check out Milky Holmes at event stage. Then go to JAM Project again, if energy permits
09/18: Spend entire night to attend Anisong Index page 12 at Club MOGRA until dawn (starts at 23:00. Yeah! Gyaran!!!). Emergency capsule hotel use if about to pass out
09/19: Direct flight to Sapporo. Attend KOTOKO LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2010 Matsuri event
09/20: Generic tourist stuff in Sapporo. Check out 1st ever Sapporo Autumn Festival.
09/21: See May'n SUMMER TOUR 2010 at ZEPP TOKYO
09/21: Some nature stuff in the morning. Then rent a bike and travel cycling road between Sapporo and Kita-Hiroshima. Take overnight train back to Tokyo.
09/22: Train to Niigata, have some Koshihikari rice from Uonuma, explore. Wake up at 4AM and camp out for Yukarin goods.
09/23: Tamura Yukari LOVE LIVE 2010 kick off in Niigata
09/24: Train to Osaka. Do some stuff people are supposed to do in Osaka.
09/25: Early morning excursion to Nara or Himeji. Take train to Kyoto, check out Kiyomizudera. Then head to Toei movieland to attend MOSAIC.WAV live.
09/26: Early train to Tokyo. Maybe go to open portion of Dengeki Geneon matsuri and hope to catch a glimpse of Kugyu. Then train to Sendai for Tamura Yukari LOVE LIVE 2010
09/27: Visit Akiu Otaki falls, maybe visit onsen, see Sendai stuff.
09/28: Fly out Shanghai for World Expo (Cancel if good concerts show up in this timeslot) Haha def. not paying $2000 airfare from Tokyo to Shanghai. Back to Tokyo.
09/28 - 09/30: Check out dearstage, reserve 1 day for Disney Sea, and, and...uh...wing it?
10/01: Back to Niigata. Take it easy.
10/02: Attend Momoi Live Tour 2010.
10/03: Train to Koriyama. Attend Momoi Live Tour 2010.
10/04: Spend morning in Tokyo. Then fly back to Newark International Airport.
Just in time for...
10/08: Two Towers at Radio City w/ Orchestra (went to same FotR concert last year and liked it). Forced to skip Minorin panel and autograph session due to work.
10/09: Stalk Minorin at NYAF

There you have it. 9 (10?) concerts in the span of 3 weeks, and only 12 vacation days used. I may shift "touristy" type stuff if necessary as this events page slowly fills out in case I want to attend some of them.

May'n concerts are expendable. Yukari stuff is set, but can be bumped in two cases:
1. A Momoi concert appears (very possible Confirmed as she has a new album release scheduled for 9/15 and will probably hold events to promote it)
2. Any live ave;new event in which Sakura Saori and Shirasawa Rie both appear. Probably not since they already did a big live but I can dream.

Arrival/depature dates are flexible until my self-imposed deadline of August 15th. On that day, I'll finalize by buying all necessary plane tickets.

Criticisms/suggestions are welcome in case I'm overlooking something big.

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