December 28, 2010

OreImo in 300 words

Actually just an extension of something that started on twitter. On the whole brother sister dynamic:


- Here's this plain dude. He's a schlub at school, has like 1 friend total, and even his parents ignore him.
- His sister is awesome.
- Dude has inferiority complex so he never talks to his sister.
- Sister interprets this as him being an ass, resents him because she wants his attention.
- She finally reveals weakness: I am a gross disgusting otaku.
- Dude supports sister because he sees opportunity to help her in some way when she never needed help before.
- He gets really into it because his life is so shit that this event validates everything. Lives vicariously through her.
- Sister, having been used to treating dude like dirt, continues to do so.
- She finally gets the attention she wants, but as this finally happens, the side effect is that the guy is actually enjoying his life.
- He's building a mountain of IOUs in favors, having girls interested in him, starting to get a more positive outlook etc.
- Sister gets conflicted about guy eventually growing out of it. Has no idea how to react, defense mechanism is to treat him even worse (maintain status quo harder)
- The guy takes it because he's has no clue (since he's a chump and a scrub). If he thought about it for 2 seconds, he would realize he actually has some leverage.
- Sister continues to be huge butt.
- Guy continues to take it. Shakes head and goes "well that's just how she is" while he prepares his daily routine of greasing his ass so that her shoe may enter it.
- Sister's friends see this and acknowledge how unfair it is. Then they share a hearty laugh and continue to spectate because "haha damn I wonder if this boot will fit too after he's already got a shoe up there".
- Repeat for eternity, author makes money

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December 16, 2010

Momoi, level 33 magician

It's been a long time since I last did a Momoi blog translation (see Akiba stabbings) but I think her recent birthday entry was a pretty interesting piece that she spent a lot of time on and reflects on her 10 year career. Momoi has always been the master of long awesome MCs that make you proud to be otaku, and this written entry is definitely channeling some of that energy so I felt like I should share it in case you haven't read it yet.

My skills still aren't that great, so please excuse any TL errors. She also drops a lot of references to her songs or other events so I included them as footnotes for what I know. Even then, there's still some stuff that even I can't recognize. If you're fluent you can read the original entry here. I hope you can read this and continue to be inspired by how Momoi thinks and appreciate her views. It's rare for a singer to be able to form such a close connection for fans, and every day as a Momoist I feel very lucky for it.

Level 33 approaches (^^) <- Warning: LONG

Moi! 1

Thank you to everyone who attended the live yesterday. Thanks for the flowers, flowers filled with feelings, presents, and letters. And comments on my blog, twitter, and mixi too.

Today for me, for one day, I became an eternal housesitter. 2

It was already announced at the live, but a Momoi-produced wristwatch is being released to commemorate my 10th Anniversary since debut in collaboration with the popular overseas brand "Red Monkey"

People who like guitars might be familiar with the name I think?

Actually I've been in business talks with the designer for a while gradually coming to this point. Please see the details here:

It's quite a good product! In fact I wore it when I did the encore! Nyaha
I wanted to explain that particular point here...anyway, since people might get ahead of themselves, I'll leave it.

On 12/14 I'll become Lv.33.
Well, to put it simply, it's my [wota]birthday (^^)

Since it was a good chance, I figured I would put my thoughts today into a big writeup. It's a challenge for my sloppy writing. I'm just doing a brain dump of what I'm thinking right now, right this moment, so please excuse it (^^)

This year has been the year where I've traveled the longest distance in my entire life up to now.

I have had lives in Hawaii, San Jose, Las Vegas, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Hongkong, and domestically in Niigata, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukushima, Gifu too.

I was able to go to many different places for events and sing.

To everyone I've met there, I'm really grateful to you. Thank you. I was really glad to be able to receive your feelings at the autograph and handshake sessions (^^)

I've loved anime and its related stuff ever since I was a child. You could say I was an "original" wota.

Since being able to provide the voice for characters, create songs, and getting the support from "anisong" fans, I think has made me very happy. Even though I always felt that way, when I got invited to overseas anime conventions and interacted with the people there it made that feeling even stronger. Though I am of course part of the production side of the industry, it was really easy to make friends with people of the world.

I'm glad that I'm otaku.
I'm glad that I love Akihabara.

Thinking that, I teared up.

Today, Tokyo approved a new regulation that restrict the expression of anime and manga. Of course, I am against this. Though I read a lot of opinions on the web, a common argument I saw was "restriction anime-related stuff would be a huge hit to the economy."

That certainly is true, business is very important, but even above that, to me Japanese anime and its related products are the content that can link people together. That is the novel sensation and dynamic ideas. Surely we should freely express that.

The young man from Germany 3 ran up to me at the end of the show. "Momoi-san do you like Keion?" I heard in shaky Japanese. "Yes, I love it" I replied with a full smile and left with a GUTS-POSE.

When I cosplay a character I like, people who don't know the character will still take pictures and that makes me smile. But when I cosplay Anise and people greet me with "Anise!" then we instantly become closer even though we can barely understand each other's language. Is there anything more amazing than that?

Speaking of amazing things, I've always wanted to be a musical magician. Like Afilia Saga East4, I'm an apprentice witch.

I want to be able do the kind of magic like you see when people cry during the chorus of "Auld Lang Syne" or "Aogeba Totoshi" at graduation ceremonies. That is, magic to be able to communicate to a person's heart even without having to communicate through words.

It is a miraculous moment that engulfs you in mysterious unity and joy. And my direct experience with that has been through lives.

Such as yesterday's 10th anniversary one-man live and final tour, I didn't really want to dwell in the past. Rather I sang with all my heart on "now". Not 10 years ago, or yesterday, or tomorrow, I just wanted the feeling of the live to be "now." And thanks to you, I was able to do that.

The first song was "Inpaku Ondo" wwww were you surprised? I made this song in the year 2000, my debut year.

I put the set list together based on my judgement.

Thank you for the callbook. Though you treat my songs with such care and I'm always happy about that, this time it was full color. My spirit was pumped and I got a lot of courage. But..I didn't sing a lot of songs from it. Seriously, (´・ω・) Sorry! www

I chose songs that were all written by me and that I felt would best transmit the feeling of now. (I tearfully agonized to cut out some songs too! Like Mebius Ring and so on...well there's next time!)

However you could say they were songs that had melodies and lyrics truly from my heart, and could use my entire body to sing. I know it's a huge task.

Songs I happily wrote thinking "There isn't anyone making a song like this, therefore I'll do it"

That there are people who liked and accepted them, it was a miraculous chance.

Actually I was a little worried about this year's IVY release. Last year's "Henji ga nai, shitsuren no you da" album had kind of a depressing theme, but this year even more so.

Originally I was thinking to send a basically positive message, but at the time I was only able to come up with "hopeless" songs.

"My face, age, education. None of them are enough" 5 and lyrics like that wwww.

But since it's bad to sing a lie, I tried to use that for the song honestly. Then IVY also has songs that support my depressing self www

In a stuffy atmosphere, but, there should be an time to continuing aspiring.
I wanted to say "I will remove your handcuffs"6

But, really something like

Momoi: "I will remove your handcuffs"
* "Huh? I'm handcuffed. I hadn't noticed until now."
* "Thanks for teaching me Momoi. Now I'm ok, I can undo them myself."

Might be saying it the best way...(^^) Well I'm leaving that kind of interpretation up to you (^^)

So during the live MC, I couldn't just say "thank you." I didn't want yesterday's live to be my "life's one memory" just yet. Because I think there should still many many more fun times for myself and everyone!

Since we happen to live in the same age! Though there is a chance it sometimes comes back to me when I open up everything, that's ok isn't it?

Let's definitely meet again!!! (^^)

Until then, lets just keep thinking about yesterday's enjoyment.

Now, somehow here's a quote from my diary on this day December 14th, 10 years ago:


"D's Theater 2000 in Tokyo Dome"

After eating "Hit and lunch (makunouchi bento)" I went to the stage.

Actually I was already dizzy (laugh) I had already forgotten when I came out. Kitagawa-san and Sugiyama-san's team "GO Nou", Yuuji-san's "Kigurumi Zoo the Movie" in the morning, and the special screening of Tomioka Satoshi-san's "Gas Tank Mania". I especially want to show respect for the CG creators of the works. After that, I thought it was wonderful to showcase indies artist on the Tokyo Dome's big screen in front of 5000 people. For my work that I laboriously produced in my own room to be stared at by 10000 eyes. Aah. Even at the end it was a able to cause me great joy. Job well done. And thank you to everyone who came to see it. It was enjoyable!


10 years ago, I stood in Tokyo Dome huh...wwwlolwww.

Actually I recently had a chance to re-establish contact with Tomioka-san mentioned in this diary just a few days ago on twitter. Why, he came to see my live. It was a 10 year reunion. Since then Tomioka-san has made various anime titles. Currently every loves "Usavich" right?

When I was able to debut my single in 2000, I wanted to create music for a living and I was able to contract with the company. But unlike now, I didn't have many orginal songs nor was I able to do lives. I didn't have the DTM skills, or plans to release CDs. Now in 2010, I have over 100 original songs, and sold out performances at Stellar Ball... (;-;)

Not that I've counted the number, and I say this hoping there's no misunderstanding but honestly compared to 4 years ago at the same location, seeing so many people come to see me was really moving.

Thank you for the blog comments. There were really people from so many different places who came for me. And everyone's face had the best expression for me. Well, though the talk about the live just happened, the excitement hasn't died down yet so please forgive me.

Actually the live was recorded...I want this for people who came to be able to re-live it, and people who couldn't come to be able to enjoy it together with us as well. Right now doing Mokomoko 60 Minutes, as a special item for the "Kyuukyoku no CD", I wonder if we can include the DVD??? Toruso-san, wwww I'll rely on you!!!!

Since this became really long, I'll cut things off here.

It's a little early, but...

I'm thankful for birthday wishes.
I'm thankful to have been born!



1. Moi is something she picked up in Finland last June and now uses a lot. Derived from Finnish expression "Moi Moi" which of course sounds like Momoi!
2. Reference to Eien no Orusuban, a song on the IVY album about a heartbroken person who withdrew from the world
3. German guy is @gin_update aka Kapitaen Momoisten who is the only foreigner to have attended every single show of the IVY tour
4. Afilia Saga East is an idol group co-produced by Momoi and Shikura Chiyomaru
5. 「顔も年も学歴も/全部叶わないけれど」 are lyrics from The wall ~koerarenai kabe~, a song on the IVY album about a one-sided love
6. 「手錠はわたしが外してあげよう」 are lyrics from the album's title track "IVY" about throwing off shackles and looking toward a bright future

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