February 14, 2011

Sakura Saori's Valentine choco special

Some commentary by Saori from today's special Valentine's edition of "Oshiete My Sweet!" as heard on Love Love Lovable #95.

Meiji "Melty Kiss" Strawberry Koi-Ichigo

Saori: First up is Meiji "Melty Kiss."Strawberry Fruity...uh..Nou? Koi? Strawberry flavor. Melty kiss is a good name isn't it. And it looks good. This package is well made too in strawberry-pink. It has a classy feel to it. "Melty Kiss" - UMAAAAAA XD. It definitely is Koi-ichigo. Not just sweet but also a little sour. The best aspects of of melty kiss and strawberries combine into one! What a wonderful chocolate

Fujiya Heart Choco (Peanuts)

Saori: This has been around a long time, but I never tried it before! So cute. I love peanuts and chocolate combo. This has a great mix between the milk chocolate and peanut flavor. I'll eat half now and half later.

Tirol Chocolat au Orange + Strawberry Confiture (32 yen)

Saori: Tirol has so many flavors! I'd like to eat all of them but we don't have enough time for that. Let's eat the new flavors offered for Valentine's day. First the orange. Mmm, It's awesome I just got a big shock. It's a little sweet, and a little bitter. What an amazing discovery. Delicious. Ok, next is strawberry confiture flavor. This was sold withthe orange one and it's white. Ohh...it's good too. Inside the white chocolate is the strawberry filling. It's a little like a cherry, and the filling is syrupy and so soft. What a gentle sweetness. Lastly is kinakomochi. I love kinakomochi. Actually two years ago I ate it all the time so much that I got tired of it. I haven't bought it in a long time! And it reminds me of ave;new's miwachan! Oh..It's cute - it looks like an airplane. Ah. Just as always, it's so good!

Meiji Melty Kiss Whips.

Saori: I really like this blue packaging. And it's so light. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It melted in mouth. What a wonderful feeling. This has so much cream and quite a pure chocolate taste. I wanna eat a lot. Everyone please try it.

The Premium Calpis ~Creamy Chocolate~

Saori: Eeehh. Just the"premium" is making my heart flutter. The package is so cute, with the Alice character on it. I wonder if it's good. What an interesting smell! "Harrrrggh...eehhhh...*uncontrollable giggling* (the BEST reaction. It's like she just took a massive bong hit, and went full on into Homer Simpson drool) It's a sparkling chocolate! Sorry for such an inadequate description! IIt's sweet but...It's really hard to describe. It's an addictive taste. Too hard to explain. Definitely drink it. Augh I'm so full!

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February 8, 2011

Seiyuu Paradise 3 goodies

Seiyuu Paradise 3 arrived today. The magazine itself has 12 full pages of Tamura Yukari including full photo spreads and a lengthy interview about her latest single. She talks a bit about the driving themes of the spring, and about her own upcoming birthday. She also speaks to the single event and the 400th kurousagi radio broadcast. Plus there is also a concise Q&A page where we learn, among other things:

- Her childhood dream was to be an idol.
- The animal she likes is cats (eh, not rabbit!!!?!?, but we knew she loved cats from Cats Living).
- She eats a lot of Pokotto Cheese
- Her favorite time is when she's at home. Sleeping.
- She's bad at interacting with people. (IMO she says this all the time, even on her blog, but you can never tell because she seems like a good conversationalist!)
- She likes the sound of steel drums, and windchimes, and totally-not-the-sound-of-money.
- When asked about foreign countries, she said she likes Japan best and didn't name drop any countries. No mention of France.

Has some good info and nice pics, but really I only ordered it so I could get the pouch :P. Turns out it's actually just a pencil case with a cardboard insert. Looked better in the previews, but hey who can argue with free magazine bonuses?

Case and box



Sample page.

Case, outside.

Case, inside. With DS for size comparison

Other stuff in Seiyuu Paradise 3: Hocchan and Minorin pinups and interviews, live event coverage for Milky Holmes, iCarly interview with Mizuki Nana, ridiculous cheesecake Chiaking photo, big portraits of Sphere, big portraits of Hanazawa Kana and Kobayashi Yu, and Naosan's Hopes for 2011

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