April 6, 2011

Love Live trip, 2011


4/13 11:00 AM - Depart from Newark Airport at 11 AM
4/14 02:00 PM - Check in to Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku
4/14 06:00 PM - Dear Stage
4/15 03:00 AM - Leave hotel on foot and camp out at Budokan for goods
4/15 05:00 PM - LOVE LIVE 2011 SPRING *Mary Rose*
4/16 05:00 PM - LOVE LIVE 2011 SPRING *Mary Rose*
4/17 05:00 PM - Sphere Spring Party is Here
4/18 04:00 PM - Go home

Budget for Yukarin Goods:

6000 - Pamphlet A and B They always come in a fancy case that makes it hard to resist. I'm not sure why I buy these, but I've done it for 3 different sets of lives so far so it might just be collection momentum
3000 - Calendar - These are usually include a nice cover, and one page per two months. You can tear off the date along the perforated lines and have 7 posters (Because I collected 3 years worth of these calendars so far, I have more Yukarin posters than every other seiyuu combined)
4000 - Puzzle - Giant 1000 piece puzzle set that I will surely use to decorate the coffee table in my house. But otherwise it will gather dust in a closet somewhere. But one day, it will have been worth it!!
4500 - Microfiber towel - Big 90x40cm towel with Yukari printed on it. Good for street cred if you whip it out in front of the bros at the gym.
3000 - Limited T-shirt - Contains a drawing by Yukarin. TBH the wreath design is not as nice as the giant glitter heart from last year's event, so I'll only buy limited edition T-shirt to commemorate the event and no regular live shirts this time
6600 - Happi coat - I already have a very nice ゆかり命 (Yukari Life) version, but this year's pattern includes additional patterns along the bottom and new msg on the back ゆかり愛 (Yukari Love)
4800 - Usamimi parka - When they sold the black version of this last year, I actually wore it around to several things (even to work during breast cancer awareness week) but this color............I'll find a way. It's not wrong for guys to wear pink hoodies right?
4500 - Chocola puppet - One of the 5 rabbits. After this, there's still Milk (white), Purin (yellow) and Kurosuke (black)
4500 - Cherry puppet (maybe) - Wish this were a different one. I actually already have a Cherry that I bought off auction several years ago at something like 150k yen so I'm almost sad it's so easy to get it now. But I might get it anyway because the opportunity is rare and it's good to have extras in case
2500 - Puppet onepiece - Finally! My puppets will have more than an a option between naked or that one maid dress. The apron is removable.
3500 - iphone4 case - For over 10 years, I've hated Apple. Ever since high school when I lost all of my work on a shitty OS9 I vowed never to give money to that company. No amount of "That was the old days. OS X is great!" changed my mind. But I guess now is time to give that company a second chance. Get an iphone4 just so I can use a $40 case?
1100 - Meron Ondo ~Festival of kingdom~ - 3rd live single in a series. Festival style music is hit-or-miss but we'll see what hime comes up with. She pulled off death metal already.
12500 - Gachagacha - I don't know how many unique items there, so I'll estimate 8 + 1 atari. To get all 9, it will take an average of 9*(ln(9)+0.577) = 25 tries. Profits from gachagacha machines will be donated to Red Cross so overplaying could be considered a good thing.

Posted by Paranda at April 6, 2011 5:23 PM


Meron Ondo: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm14051260
I'm getting the happi coat just to match this song! xD

no karaoke this time? :(
See ya next week!

Posted by: danie~ at April 7, 2011 3:47 AM

Melo! Melo! Melo~ondo

Oh I'm up for karaoke if you are! Left my night schedules open, just need to decide what day(s) work best to turn us into sleepless zombies

Posted by: paranda at April 7, 2011 2:07 PM

next time...... next time......!!

Posted by: mandi at April 9, 2011 3:43 AM

oh... i see you come to Yukari Kingdum.

i go to Tokyo at 4/16 for BGM festival in Shinagawa. i want to see you if you have a few power after Yukarin live.

Posted by: nyol at April 9, 2011 10:31 AM

@mandi Yeah absolutely. Shame the plans fell through this time, but there's lots of other events to get excited about. And I'll probably be back at least one more time for ave;new

@nyol Good to hear you'll be in Tokyo too. Look forward to hanging out again on 4/16.

Posted by: paranda at April 11, 2011 10:54 PM

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