April 24, 2011

Tamura Yukari LOVE LIVE 2011 SPRING *Mary Rose* Goods

Final round up of goods purchased during this trip.

1 x Pamphlet A
1 x Pamphlet B
1 x Postcard A
1 x Postcard B
1 x Calendar
1 x Microfiber towel
1 x Live towel
1 x Usamimi Parka
1 x Chocola puppet
1 x Limited one piece
1 x Limited senshuuraku T-shirt
1 x "Yukari Ai" Happi coat
1 x Meron Ondo CD
1 x iPhone4 Case
1 x Jigsaw puzzle
1 x Limited "Cherry delivering loveletter" keyring
2 x Spring Mary Rose teatime strap
2 x Yukari blue pouch
2 x Yukari yellow pouch
2 x Pinup poster A
2 x Pinup poster C
4 x Yukari coin case
3 x Yukari pin badge
1 x Eraser (???)
1 x Metallic cherry fastener
1 x Spring Mary Rose round plastic keyring
1 x Yukaringo photobook

1 x Day 2 concert streamer
1 x Call book
2 x Yukari Kingdom passport stamps
1 x Fairy one piece from last year's SCS
1 x Vinyl "Milk" pouch/purse from last year's SCS (aint never gonna wear dis in public, but somehow I still wanted it)

Layout of the big items. Pamphlet B is the best out of all the photo items. It's less like a collection of random pictures, and more like a complementary guide to the calendar. For each page of the calendar, the pamphlet contains tons of alternate photos in the same outfit, costume closeups, and neat information about how they put the shoot together.

Smaller items. Day 2 gachagacha luck was terrible so I have lots of duplicates (all from the 2nd day). I am giving these away since I don't need so many copies.

Keyrings and straps. There's also a metal zipper attachment and plastic keyring that's hidden away in the same bag (too hard to photograph since it's on the inside)

iPhone 4 case, with my phone inside. Seeing this case prompted me to rent an iphone in Japan to try it out so I could use the case. Since I liked it, and now I had a case, I decided to buy an iphone as soon as I came back to the US.

I particularly like the metal box that holds the puzzle pieces. It's like a lunchbox. The card in the box is what it looks like if you put it all together

The best parts about the happi this year are the little Yukari doodles which surround the bottom half of the coat.

The calendar this year, which is now finally fills up that empty spot on my wall

Since I became a citizen a while ago, I also made sure to get my official documents to enter/exit the kingdom.

Passport stamps for both days. I learned not to press too hard on the stamps or it bleeds through the page.

Finally some souvenirs from inside the concert hall itself. Fan call book, and day 2 concert streamers which popped out during Chelsea Girl

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Soo cute!! >0

Posted by: Hiroky at December 3, 2011 1:14 AM

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