July 30, 2011

THE PLAN ~Autumn 2011 version~

Man it sure seems like these are getting more frequent. But I think this will be my final trip in quite a while. Of course that's what I also said last time.

As usual I'll post my intended events and travel schedule. The primary goal for this trip will be ave;new events. Originally I would have been satisfied just going to Milk Lariat but the planets aligned and somehow enough events came together that I can now build the following itinerary. Add in my first big Nana event and this is shaping up to be another one of those super-trips. Hopefully more stuff can be added so my event count is even higher than last year's.

11/19: Arrive at Narita. If my plane arrives early (2pm or sooner), I will attempt to rush through customs and buy a last-second ticket from a scalper to go to 5pb Live at Tokyo Dome City which starts at 4:30. After that, I have three options. One, I can do the smart thing and go to sleep to save energy for Chaos Party. Two, I can go to MOGRA for Anisong Index page 26 - a tremendously bad idea to party all night but not off the table. Option three is to attend the Amagami SS all-night screening, which features a 40 minute talk with some top names like Itou Shizuka, Nazuka Kaori, etc and a mini-live by azusa. Which is still staying up all night but at least sitting down. * Amagami SS event confirmed. Tickets bought

11/20: Chaos Party 2011 at CLUB CITTA. Shaori promised she'll make it good SOWASOWA. Also I'll actually pay attention to Rierin now instead of totally not realizing she was even there like Anisama 2008. Seeing Sato Hiromi and YURIA for 1st time is also a good bonus. * Confirmed. Tickets bought

Suara, if only you had scheduled your Karin Fuugetsu live tour on a different day during my trip I would have found some way to go.

11/21: TBD

11/22: Miracle Sora Night ver. 3 at Shinjuku LOFT/PLUS ONE. Tentative on this. Apparently it's the third live event for Tokui Sora who is the voice for Milky Holmes's Nero (Yellow). Guests include Inoue Nana and Shikura Chiyomaru among others. I'm surprised she has had two small solo events before already. I suppose she must have been a minor idol before Milky Holmes then.

Update: cancelled. I went to madoka cafe and dearstage with some friends instead.

11/23: ANIMAX MUSIX 2011 at Yokohama Arena. A mixed bag, but has some good artists that I've seen before. KOTOKO, Minorin, angela, Faylan, Oh and I guess I care about Kalafina now too since I became a fan at AX. And get to see ELISA for the first time. * Confirmed. Tickets bought

11/24: Yumemi Nemu (likely) at Tokyo DearStage. I didn't care about Nemu-tan when I saw her last year since I didn't know her, but now that I've heard Mahou Shoujo Miman a million times I can appreciate the unique voice. No guarantee that she'll be there, but I think there's a good chance she appears for her own anniversary.

11/25: Kalafina "After Eden" Special LIVE 2011. Tentative on this but leaning towards maybe not. Actually I managed to snag a ticket from danie on the cheap, so it's * Confirmed. TIckets bought

11/26: MAMI KAWADA m.a.l.l LIVE 2nd stage. Perfectly timed. I saw my first ever KOTOKO live concert last year. Now it's time for my first Kawada Mami concert. * Confirmed. Tickets bought

Ack! Now I find out MOSAIC.WAV is doing Uzumasa again. Going to Kyoto is actually more convenient for me since it's on the way to Osaka and they are absolutely awesome live (see last year's report). it's too late to change since I already bought Mami tickets. Although I guess it's still better if I go see Kawada Mami for the 1st time than seeing MOSAIC.WAV for the 3rd time.

11/27: Milk Lariat Vol.4 Zoku ・ MOE CORKSCREW at OSAKA STUDIO PARTITA. This is important because Momoi and ave;new are both appearing again, and in the past they have typically had long set lists. Almost hour each. It will also be my 1st time ever seeing Yuinyan, assuming I'm not able to go to 5pb. Milk Lariat is famous for being really long in general and full of fans who even do calls to CMs and background music in between set breaks. * Confirmed. Tickets bought

11/28: Day trip to Kyoto. Fushimi Inari Shrine + Tofukuji in morning, Kiyomizudera in afternoon and evening.

11/29: Kyoto again OR Amanohashidate OR day trip to Nara.

11/30: I'll just browse Umeda in the morning then hop on the train back to Tokyo. Already had a good time in the south part of Osaka last year thanks to nyol so I probably don't need to go down to Den Den Town or Dotonbori areas again.

May'n LIVE TOUR 2011 WE ARE side-B at Nakano SUNPLAZA. I'm not a huge May'n fan but I did meet her at AX and I guess I like Macross F songs so I might go to this. I'm skipping May'n again because my good friend is arriving this day so I think we will just do some standard tourist stuff in Tokyo.

12/01: Go touring in the morning. Then meet up with Moy who is arriving today.

12/02: Tour for Imperial Palace for 10 AM. I still need to submit my application with Imperial Household Agency and finalize party members. The list of names has to be sent in early so contact me urgently if you want to join the tour group.

12/03: Possible morning sidetrip to Odaiba and walk across Rainbow Bridge to see Tokyo Motor Show. Then, Mizuki Nana Tokyo Dome LIVE CASTLE at Tokyo Dome. Historic event and biggest Nana live ever. LIVE DIAMOND in Seibu Dome looked awesome so I expect this to be even better. * Confirmed. Tickets bought

12/04: Mizuki Nana Tokyo Dome LIVE at Tokyo Dome. Go for round 2 * Confirmed. Tickets bought
         OR Lisani! LIVE 2011 Tokyo Kokusai Forum

12/05: Wrap up and go home

Other things to do:

Play AQUAPAZZA at the arcade.
Check out the Tsukiyume Anisong DJ bar. Hopefully they have an Otarhythm event around that time. Otherwise I might just have a really long dinner and show there. They take requests from people who order off the course menu (4 person minimum).
Play Twin Angel pachislot - need to go with friends for this one since not-gambling establishments are probably seedy.
Go see Japanese version of any famous broadway musical (maybe CATS in Yokohama).
Iron Chef restaurant tour: Kenichi's Shisen Hanten in Akasaka, Sakai's La Rochelle in Shibuya, and Michiba's Kaishoku-Michiba in Ginza.
More foods in Osaka.

Also keeping my ears open on all the radio shows I follow in case they announce cool stuff during that time.

Those others who are going for any reason, I hope our paths cross and that we can hang out. See you there!

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