February 28, 2012


Well it's that time again, when I get fed up with work life and start daydreaming about my next "cram many events into little time" trip.

As for scheduling, all of March/April/May is out because I will be on a work-related trip having adventures in scorching heat (and probably puking my guts out from unsanitary food) in one of the emerging markets in Asia. Despite the proximity, travel to Japan from there is actually MORE inconvenient. Instead I'll cry about missing Anime Boston.

June is out since I will finally be moving into a home I recently bought and busy supervising remaining renovations.

So, that leaves this year's THE PLAN to fall around 3 possible dates

1. Nanoha A's release in theatres on July 14th, 2012. Surely there will be some good side stuff scheduled for the summer. But, an exceptionally good AX guest list may prove to be an adequate substitute. (35% chance)

2. September 19th - Sakura Saori's birthday and a possible entire week of ave;new tie-up cafe and bar minilives the week before or after. (40% chance)

3. Milk Lariat vol. 5, probably in November or December. Because MLT owns despite my complaining about it being too long last year on twitter. Usually can overlap with additional Momoi or Yukarin events. (25% chance)

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