April 23, 2012

Upcoming ave;new events

The time is ripe for ave;new. Just two years ago I had to scratch and claw for events. But recently, they've been doing something interesting almost every month. Here's a look at what's coming down the pipeline, and summer hasn't even started.

April 27th: Twin Angel Best Album "ANGEL" goes on sale. The 3-disc album is a compilation of existing works from Pachislot-turned-anime series "Twin Angel," most performed by ave;new's legendary kyunkyun unit "ave;new project." To entice those of us who already bought every ave;pro release, there is one new song on each disc.

Disc 1: "Hachamecha OH Chame LOVE!!" performed by Shaori and Rierin
Disc 2: "Otona ni Naru no Desu Lyrical Jigoku Remix" by IOSYS
Disc 3: "Angel Kakumei Lets Go DJ Time!!" a 15 minute mix by ave;new founder a.k.a.dRESS

April 29th: 8th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival

This unexpected development marks ave;new's overseas debut, and is what Saori hopes to be the first of many foreign appearances. Saori will be traveling to Hangzhou, China with her unlikely partner in crime Suara to perform on stage and serve as guest-judges for a local karaoke contest. The fact that ave;new accepted China's invitation surely opens the door for other international conventions (though sadly I suspect the chance for a USA appearance is still zilch). Indeed, I am incredibly surprised China actually has enough of an appreciation for Saori to even ask, considering the very properties that ave;new produces music for (aside from Twin Angel) are in all likelihood illegal there.

May 3rd: Tsukiyume ave;new Paradise

The famous Tsukiakari Yumeterasu cafe & bar is holding yet another collaboration event. The cafe opens from 1PM till 11PM and will serve ave;new themed food and drink. The prices are quite expensive, but two big events (with prizes) have been scheduled at secret times throughout the day which are expected to keep patrons staying and paying. The first is a talk event with singer Sakura Saori and special guest Korie Riko (illustrator for "My Sweet Lady" jacket art, and creator of "Gack-oh" series from Lump of Sugar). The second event is the third public recording of Saori's biweekly internet radio program "LoveLoveLovable" and guest stars ave;new's recently hired sound producer Takeru. After 11PM, the tables will be cleared to convert Tsukiyume into a club featuring a.k.a.dRESS, who will personally DJ various ave;new remixes from midnight till dawn.

Although Tsukiyume is in Kawasaki, which is a half hour train ride outside Tokyo, the venue is well known and attended by ave;new fans. They have done numerous other tie-ins with the group in the past, from serving themed drinks to holding member birthday bashes to serving actual food cooked and delivered by the singers. If you visit their lobby on the top floor, you'll see the hallway covered in ave;new memorabilia.

June 8th: New ave;new double-single "My Sweet Lady / PistoSMILE Nonsto-P ~Kagayake Asu no Star Daisakusen~" release which features songs from two different series. The first two songs are OP/ED to Lump of Sugar's "Gak-oh THE ROYAL SEVEN STARS" PC game. The title song "My Sweet Lady" is a worthy addition to the venerable "My" series, following its predecessors "True My Heart", "Kiss My Lips", and "Pure My Voices" (2 of which are available to sing along in karaoke joints throughout Japan).

More interesting is the awesome accompanying ave;new project track "PistoSMILE Nonsto-P ~Kagayake Asu no Star Daisakusen~" which was inexplicably commissioned for the Pist Star campaign launched by K-Dream and Nagoya Keirin, a cycling race. The song accompanies a PV centered around their mascot Pistochan. If you're wondering why that video has so many English comments compared to the usual ave;new song on youtube, it was savaged by Kotaku which predictably mocked the attempts to bridge two completely unconnected hobbies. Only...maybe it's not so unconnected after all. Surprisingly, there is already precedent. And of course, we do have our very own cycling otaku right here in the United States.

Bonus: Saori dressed up like Pistochan

June 16th: Turn Saori's birthday 9/19 upside down and you get 6/16, which is LovableNote mascot Chiwakura-san's birthday. In the four years since she was drawn, Chiwakura-san has had an extensive career ranging from radio host to rap star, and most recently, the protagonist of dating-sim game "Chiwameki Memorial" in which she plays a boy who must infiltrate the ave;new all-girls academy. Although no Chiwakura-san song has ever been performed on stage, in several radio episodes, Saori considered one day giving in to fan demands.

June 19th: EEE Fan Appreciation Festival
According to the website, this event with some 50 scheduled performances in Osaka has a strict rule: Songs from eroge ONLY. ave;new's Saori and Rierin fit right in with fellow participating artists like Aoba Ringo, Tamiyasu Tomoe, Funczion SOUNDS, and others in an event that's probably even more niche than Chaos Party or Milk Lariat. In fact I do not recognize a single other name. Still with a ticket cost of 4500 yen, the price is right. For the hardcore fans, this event too has its own segregated otagei area in which the rule is basically: "everything is allowed, just don't murder each other." Really! Read their otagei rules.

Posted by Paranda at April 23, 2012 5:39 PM


good post as always!
as much as i wanna go to the tsukiyume event... paying so much for train etc for only a CHANCE of catching one of the events is just killer....

also i think the EEE event has been running since 2009, not a restriction on the songs. niche events are so fun. i can't wait for the next denkyun!

Posted by: mandi at April 23, 2012 8:12 PM

Whoops misread that XD Thanks for the catch. Having event since 2009 makes a lot more sense.

Was Denkyun that one event you said where the WHOLE FLOOR was just going nuts? In a super coordinated way I mean. I'd definitely love to go see something like that.

Yeah I can understand not going to Tsukiyume, especially since they do so many events in Tokyo already (though surprisingly nothing this time but I guess they just finished PCM). When I was dead tired from Animax, taking the train from Kanagawa back to Tokyo felt like an eternity.

If Tsukiyume does do it again in September though, I may fly over if the timing is right. When you went for the TA tie-up, do you know if they had a time limit or did it stay "buy a drink stay an hour" dearstage style? I would think the latter since my impression was that it was never really crowded, and I remember a blog post from a guy who was there so long he even memorized and diagrammed the seats location of every other fan. If so, I'll basically just stay in there all day and you could show up any time as my guest :)

Posted by: paranda at April 23, 2012 8:44 PM

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