July 6, 2012

THE PLAN 2012 Summer

Looks like 40% chance I said last time became true.

8/24 Arrive in Tokyo. Nanoha movie
8/25 CharaHobby 2012 - Uesaka Sumire's Armored Guards Infantry Regiment Broadcast at the Radio Osaka booth Plans cancelled as they conflict with azusa event.
8/25 azusa "visuel" release event - Mini-live, handshake, and autograph event with azusa. My first impression of azusa was at an Amagami event last year but it was so good so I'll gladly attend another event.
8/25 PhotoKano "Your Eyes Only" Premium Stage - Never played the game but the cast is quite good. Talk event with Itou Kanae, Mizuhashi Kaori, Oogame Asuka (AND Nakahara Mai, Kanemoto Hisako, Shiraishi Minoru apparently!)
8/25 Animelo Summer Live Day 1 - Nanri Yuuka, Yukarin, Kawada Mami, Afilia Saga East, LiSA, Haruna Luna, StylipS, and others at SSA
8/26 Animelo Summer Live Day 2 - HaiyoritaiG, Gorakubu, Hocchan, Minorin, Kurinoko, Milky Holmes, KitaEri, Ishikawa Chiaki, Ray, and others at SSA
8/27 - 8/28 Climb Mt. Fuji
8/30 - 9/14 Working!!
9/1 Spotlight on Itou Noizi at STGCC in Singapore
9/15 Sphere's orbit live tour 2012 FINAL SPECIAL STAGE at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Plans cancelled as they conflict with YuruYuri and I'm not sure I'll make it back to Tokyo by curtain raising time.
9/15 YuruYuri Fan Appreciation Festival Day 1 at Akihabara UDX. Premier exhibition
9/15 AnB Premium presents 28th Ikasu Akiba Tengoku at Kagurazaka Explosion. Top 10 underground idols voted by fans.
9/16 YuruYuri Fan Appreciation Festival Day 2 at Akihabara UDX. 1 hr act and minilive.
9/16 Denpagumi.inc 2nd ONE MAN LIVE live "Ai wo denpa ni" at Liquidroom in Tokyo
9/17 Tamura Yukari LOVE LIVE 2012 Autumn Fall in Love at NHK Hall, Tokyo
9/18 Ageage idol carnival 136 at Shibuya Club Crawl. Because I became a fan of Morinaga Mami.
9/19 Sakura Saori Birthday TBD (I'm looking at you Tsukiyume. Announce something! Looking less and less likely) Nothing was announced.
9/19 Miritan Online Furukawa Mirin birthday event at Dear Stage
9/20 Buy some black canned coffee from Kazusa-Ushiku Station. May also jump off bench yelling "Warp! Warp!" if no one is looking.
9/21 Busou Shinki talk event at Japan Science Foundation. Mostly going for Asumi Kana, but rest of cast is good too.
9/22 Yuriyurarararayuruyuri Housoushitsu special stage at Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair Couldn't get a ticket.
9/22 Taketatsu Ayana "Onpu no Kuni no Alice" release event at animate, Nagoya. Cancelled, conflicts with YRYR
9/22 Tamura Yukari LOVE LIVE 2012 Autumn Fall in Love at Nagoya Congress Center, Nagoya
9/23 YuiKaori photobook autograph event in Akiba Didn't win lottery.
9/23 B.G.M Festival PRIMAL - Too many good artists to even list. But mostly I'm going for ave;new, Momoi, CooRie, Uehara Rena, and Hiromi-nee.

Posted by Paranda at July 6, 2012 12:27 PM


I like how you managed to get work in the middle of this trip. ^_^

Posted by: tenton at July 9, 2012 6:21 PM

Manager: Say are you open to do a business trip to Asia this September?


Posted by: paranda at July 9, 2012 11:16 PM

Hi Paranda,

Thanks for blogging about Yukarin's live events, it has been wonderful reading about them.
Actually, I am also planning to go to one of Yukarin's LOVE LIVE 2012 Fall
in Love concerts in the fall later, but I'm not sure how to get hold of the tickets since I heard you need a Japanese CC to do so. Could you possibly advise me how I can get tickets?

Much thanks!

Posted by: fiona at July 29, 2012 10:16 PM

Hi, nice to meet you! You can mail me if you need some more details but the short version is there's basically 4 options

1. Get someone to buy it for you in Japan. A friend that you trust with your money to do it is the best. I usually go this route if I want to apply for fanclub presale tickets. Depending on the hotel you are using, if they've got a concierge desk they can also buy your tickets and keep them at the hotel for free. They probably wouldn't let you do a fanclub application, so you'd have to wait until the general presale starts (FC deadline passed anyway). Last resort would be to use a proxy service but they charge a an arm and leg.

2. If you're traveling to Japan earlier than the day of the concert, you can easily just go to any convenience store like Lawson and buy a ticket with cash and don't need to worry about credit card. I did this one time for a different concert without much trouble

3. Yahoo auction, either through a friend or via proxy auction sites with low fees like Rinkya/Crescent/Celga/etc. I will do this if I miss the fanclub ticket deadline but still want to guarantee really goods seats near the front. Price varies wildly but from my experience, I saw front row seats in Tokyo easily go over $600, while in smaller cities I got great seats for under half that price. These could arrive very close to the concert date, so if you don't have someone holding them for you in Japan, get them shipped to your hotel in Japan NOT to your home address.

4. You just go to the concert hall and buy the day-of. Yukarin concerts are packed but I've never seen one completely sold out. So there will be tickets officially available at the door, and also quite a few people that sell discounted ones on the street outside the hall. I never attempted this myself but I always see them on sale when I go to a live.

Posted by: paranda at July 30, 2012 3:20 AM

Hi again! Thanks for all that information! Sorry to bother you in your comments section again; I tried to find your email address but it seems that you do not have it on your site..

I'm actually planning to go to the live at NHK Hall on 9/17, so I'm quite worried that the tickets for that day do not seem to be available anywhere, while those for other days are already being sold/preorder at e+ and ticket pia. I like to confirm that I have tickets to the event before booking my flight, but the plane tickets are gonna be really expensive if I don't book them soon. Would you happen to know roughly when the tickets would be sold?

Also, is the seating determined randomly when you buy the ticket? It's kinda like a lucky draw right? I would like to get a good seat if possible so I might go for the auctions. Do the auctions only come up very late, like two weeks before the live or something, since you said they come very near the concert date?

As you can see, I am kind of paranoid about preparing things in advance.. Thanks for helping!


Posted by: fiona at July 31, 2012 8:48 PM

You can mail/msg me at p-a-r-a-n-d-a- at g-mail dot com. Remove the dashes.

General sales hasn't started yet. Actually even the FC pre-order deadline just ended a few weeks ago and results haven't come back because there were too many applications for quite a few of the tour dates (including Tokyo NHK) so they need to raffle the tickets off. So nobody knows if they have tickets now, including the fanclub members.

If you are flexible with your dates, I'd almost recommend nearby Yokohama Arena one over Tokyo to save the hassle. But, if you do want to go to the Tokyo one you'll have to keep waiting and very likely go to auction if you want to be in the front half of the audience.

The reason that auctions for good seats are very last minute is because even if you are told you won the FC lottery, MellowPretty doesn't release the tickets until about 1.5 weeks before the concert date. I remember when I did lottery for April 15 concert last year I didn't find out my seat number until April 3rd. Once that happens, then the auction sites will start filling up with lots of extra tickets.

Posted by: paranda at August 1, 2012 12:09 AM

I'd be careful with buying auction FC tickets. I have heard that you need to show your FC ID and address to get into the concert hall. Although I may be wrong since I have not actually gone to a live.

Posted by: anonymous at August 2, 2012 3:39 AM

Well it's good to be careful with auction of any kind. I only go for high rep sellers who seem to be professional scalpers as their dayjob.

Anyway details will become clear in a few weeks when it's time to buy tickets, but I wouldn't worry about the FC aspect too much since it's a public live tour.

Generally the ID requirement should only be for super-limited fanclub only event involving prizes/handshakes. Never saw Yukarin do it for public events. Maybe some other artists have different rules about it though.

Not saying it's impossible of course. Luckily a friend did get a legit Yukarin FC badge registered in my real name a few years ago with active membership. That should cover 2 people.

Posted by: paranda at August 2, 2012 4:22 PM

Yup, in my experience they only check the fanclub membership at FC events. Public events, all you need are your tix. I was really surprised to see them checking each person's membership card.

Posted by: mandi at August 8, 2012 3:31 AM

BTW great gif. I like how you can see her lyrics cheat sheet screen too.

Posted by: mandi at August 8, 2012 3:35 AM

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