August 18, 2013

Animelo Summer Live 2013 Flag Nine

I didn't actually plan to go to this until a month ago, but a few things happened with AX that caused me to take the plunge. Like my YuruYuri trip in February, this will be a quick and focused "business" trip: go in, do the events, and get out.

Here's the plan:

8/21 11:00 - Leave from Newark Airort
8/22 14:00 - Arrive at Narita Airport
8/22 18:00 - Arrive in Akiba, buy shitload of Kingblades
8/22 19:00 - Official MarvelYell Channel - Niconico Uta Studio. Required Mamipyon viewing
8/23 06:00 - Go to SSA, buy Anisama official goods (undecided)
8/23 11:00 - Anisama outdoor stage - Some Dwango newbs, plus Sanada Asami, HIMEKA, and backstage Kanda idol group
8/23 16:00 - Anisama Day 1 proper - In order of caring about: Minorin, Choucho, Milky Holmes, ray, μ's, earthmind, Cinderella Girls, Misawa Sachika, May'n, EE (everyone else)
8/24 11:00 - Anisama outdoor stage - Nagareda Project, some Dwango newbs, plus Iizuka Mayumi, some indie seiyuu units, and backstage Kanda idol group
8/24 16:00 - Anisama Day 2 proper - A good day. Gorakubu, Million Stars, fripside, angela, LiSA, Sumipe, Kurinoko, Aiurabu, Mamegu, Luna, Eir, EE
8/25 11:00 - Anisama outdoor stage - TBD
8/25 11:15 - Dekashatsu Kissa 4 year anniversary event to see Mamipyon again (depending if none of the TBD interests me)
8/25 16:00 - Anisama Day 3 proper - Best day. Yukarin, HaiyoritaiG, Nana, Ayachi, Maon, petit milady, sphere, Pikasha, YuiKaori, Ogura Yui, Nanri, KitaEri, Itou Kanako, Mikakoshi, Nomizu Iori, EE
8/24 10:00 - Check out, buy imas goods
8/24 17:00 - Leave Narita Airport

Also I want to go do Yukarin karaoke at least one of the nights, but haven't decided which day yet.

It's going to be awesome. My only regret is missing Dempagumi inc. at JX

And I realize I'm already taking my next trip before I even wrote about my June one. I do have a ray concert report, I really do. And Itapara. Itapara was the best thing I did on my last trip. I just have to edit it once things stop getting in the way. Or not, since I never follow through.

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