November 14, 2013

THE PLAN Winter 2014

You know the drill. This time's trip will carry an IDOLM@STER theme since I became a producer earlier this year, but I will still have some time to devote to my Yuka*ins (Tamura and Ootsubo)

Updated 2/4 to reflect new events and ticketing

2/14 - 14:00 Arrive Narita.

2/14 - 19:00 Steins;Gate Special Fan Meeting with Imai Asami at Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku - ticket secured.

158k to see Mingosu: worth it.

2/14 - 22:00 Watch THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE if there is a showing.

2/15 - 11:15 Idolmaster Movie & Cast Greeting at MOVIX Saitama - pending lottery.

Was gonna watch the movie anyway. Now I will watch it and also meet Numakura Manami as a bonus. As a Hibiki P there can be no greater reward.

2/15 - 13:00 Imai Asami 4th Album release event at Gamers - failed lottery

Other than Chiaking, Mingosu is simply the best singer out of all the idolm@ster girls. It's not even up for debate. While this particular event may not be affiliated with the series, her label 5pb treated her well, giving her a nice array of catchy songs. If she sings Dear Darling I'll die.

But I failed the ticket lottery and there are no auctions..orz

2/15 - 14:25 Idolmaster Movie & Cast Greeting at MOVIX Saitama - pending lottery.

Watch IMAS again and meet Nunu again. Oh yeah there are some other cast too, but I tend to have tunnel-vision when it involves anybody in my top 5 seiyuu.

2/15 - 18:00 Tamura Yukari LOVE ♡ LIVE 2014 Spring *Fruits Fruits ♡ Cherry* Day 1 - Pending FC lottery.

I prefer smaller intimate lives than SSA, but if it's Yukarin I'll take what I can get. Last year's Cute & Cute & Heart was one of the best Yukari events I've ever been to. Will apply for legitimate FC lottery entry with my membership, which can request up to 4 tickets so people are welcome to join.

Update: Got tickets for 5 people plus myself, all from USA. We'll be the AMURRICA section in SSA!

2/16 - 12:00 Hamiraji DVD vol. 3 event - ticket secured.

2/16 - 14:00 Idolmaster Movie & Cast Greeting at United Cinema Toyosu - awaiting general sale

Different cast greeting with Azumin this time. But have to leave early to catch Hamiraji event.

2/16 - 14:30 Hamiraji DVD vol. 3 event - ticket secured.

I went to the DVD vol. 2 event last year where I got photos from all 3 members, it was amazing. Talked to Yukachin and Nozomi and Miho in person. Yukachin was so cute, I almost got a heart attack BEFORE I talked to her just from waiting in line. Since this is an event instead of owatashikai, it's possible they will perform Fuwari Brand New Day together as Yunomi, which seeing live would be a better gift than any possible autograph or handshake or goods could compete with.

I go to these for Baum, but this year I also have a much stronger appreciation for Nozomi thanks to more radio listening and also that blasted card collecting mobagame.

2/16 - 15:00 Milk Lariat Special Live 2 (Vol 6S) - Ticket secured. Resold.

This respected live organization names its events like apple names gadgets, but unfortunately 6S is not quite the same as an upgraded Milk Lariat 6. Arguably their best singer in the entire lineup ChouCho is noticeably gone. And who did they replace her with in the same headline position? Hitomin. LOL.

But, it's not a bad event at all, and I actually did buy tickets since Mimorin, KatoFuku, and even Nanjo (though a bit depowered without her fripside counterpart sat) are worth seeing even solo so giving it up was not easy. But given the dilution from other names, it ended up losing the edge to the recently announced Yukarin events. So now I have a spare ticket. Talk to me if you want it.

Update: Damn with the Sakura Saori and Ootsubo Yuka added, Milk Lariat's guest list was suddenly upgraded from mediocre to REALLY good. But Yukarin takes precedence. Mimorin + Nanjo I was lucky enough to see at Animax Musix Taiwan this year already. Baum I'll see twice earlier on the same day. But I'll have to suffer for my decision to sacrifice Sakura Saori, my favorite non-seiyuu singer in the world.

2/16 - 16:00 Tamura Yukari LOVE ♡ LIVE 2014 Spring *Fruits Fruits ♡ Cherry* Day 2 - Ticket secured. Wouldn't be oukokumin if I didn't go to the same even twice.

2/17 - Visit official IM@S Museum in Namco Nakano (MUSEUM IS CLOSED) THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE 2nd viewing

2/18 - 19:00 Kawano Marina Oneman Live Imperfect Blue +S - TBD. I actually wrote a thing about meeting Marina on the street in the past, so I might go to her live now to see how much she's developed.

2/19 - TBD

2/20 - TBD

2/21 -18:30 AgeAge Idol Carnival #176 at Shibuya Club Crawl - ticket secured.

A long-running chika idol event which includes Morinaga Mami. I last went to AgeAge Idol Carnival #136 back in 2012 and it was solid. Will be good physical warmup for the big IM@S event the next day.

2/22 - 17:00 THE IDOLM@STER M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD!!2014 - failed all lottery attempts. No choice but to auction

2/23 - 13:00 NonNonBiyori Web Radio NonNonDayori! Nanon public recording at JSF Science Hall - tickets go on sale 2/8.

Ayaneru, Rieshon, Asumin!!! Aside: JSF is great, the seats are super close. Also this will be the second time I see Asumin in this place. First time was at the Busou Shinki preview event.

2/23 - 17:00 THE IDOLM@STER M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD!!2014 - Ticket secured.

2/23 - 22:00 Idolmaster post-live offkai - reserved

2/24 - 17:00 Leave Narita, go home

Relatively short and only uses 6 vacation days if I do things right, leaves plenty in the tank for IM@S 9th live, and potential YuruYuri-focused trip for later in the year.


Posted by Paranda at November 14, 2013 10:57 PM


it's been a while since your last post,
i was expecting some Anisama or Yukarin report...

I've been a reader of your blog for a long time, but this is my first comment
I planned to go to Yukarin spring tour too, though I still haven't decide it yet cause some work related stuff,
and since you mentioned about Yuru Yuri, now I can't decide even more.

the problem is I can't go to japan that often, so maybe it's Yukarin OR Yuru Yuri for me

do you really think there will be another Yuru Yuri live? I missed all of their previous live and I REAAALLY want to go if there is another live

nice plan btw,
and you should do something about those spam comments....

Posted by: ramen at November 15, 2013 7:03 AM

Thanks for commenting.

I would say go for Yukarin now. You know the dates so you know if you can make it - if you can, that's half the battle won already. If I were forced to choose, that's what I would do.

I do think Yuruyuri will do something next summer though. They and Milky Holmes are like Archer class servants with independent action, able to function for long stretches even when they've got no parent anime airing.

Posted by: paranda at November 15, 2013 9:04 AM

With Yukarin on the schedule I'm this close from going for it. How does the fanclub ticket request thing work? Would like to know before I make any decisions.

Posted by: omo at November 15, 2013 5:15 PM

Yukarin's fanclub handles their own ticketing through

I just log in with my FC account and fill in a form of many tickets I want and then pay them when results are out. Then about 2 weeks before the live, they mail out tickets.

Posted by: paranda at November 15, 2013 8:11 PM

damn, I can't go after all
will be busy for the first half of this year
but it's Yukarin, I still got many chances this year

Posted by: ramen at January 3, 2014 12:41 AM

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