About Me

This blog primarily focuses on seiyuu/anisong/galgame related music events that I've attended. I started as a seiyuu fan, then got hooked on watching live performances by Momoi Haruko in 2003, which made me want to attend one in person. I finally did in 2007, and started down a terrible path of money-wasting in order to travel to concerts.

My top 10 active seiyuu at the moment:

1. Tamura Yukari
2. Hara Sayuri
3. Numakura Manami
4. Ootsubo Yuka
5. Akasaki Chinatsu
6. Taketatsu Ayana
7. Kayano Ai
8. Ookubo Rumi
9. Mikami Shiori
10. Asumi Kana

Favorite singers: Sakura Saori (ave;new), Momoi Halko, dempagumi inc, Morinaga Mami

My more "normal" hobbies are restaurant hopping, power lifting, brazilian jiu jitsu, amateur astronomy, and hiking. I have a DSLR but I'm not good at photography.

I also post reactions about seiyuu radio on twitter @paranda_update

Last updated on: November 2014