November 14, 2006

What do you do when Tsukihime gets translated the same month as second round midterms?

Juggle with priorities until you crack under the pressure, that's what. On top of studying, also working 22 hours part time vs. 8 hours before has kind of left me with...well no time.

Brief notes since I don't plan on writing anything with substance this week:

I will make a large collective Momoi update when my CDs actually arrive in December (I opted to ship both releases together). Downloaded a lossless version while I wait. Saigo no Rock is pretty good as expected, but the c/w song is a bit disappointing.

Meanwhile I am canning my Lovedol summaries because it's too time consuming. WinD has just released episode 3, proving they are probably going to sub the whole thing and on a good schedule too so I don't have to strain myself.

Looking beyond the wonderful ED, Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru is more fun than I could have expected. I am no longer ashamed about endorsing this show.

Happiness meanwhile is kind of boring and even Jun's flirty manpower isn't really saving it, but not enough to drop.

Negima!? is all right so far. This is surprising because I couldn't even read one chapter of the manga without getting angry at how bad it was.

I still need to finish NHK and start Death Note :(

After completing the Ciel arc (which was my first because Ciel was my favorite from the anime), I learned Ciel has painted arms and not hardcore crusade tattoos of holy war. Actually she can't get a tattoo even if she wanted to.

Now back to studying for FIS. Next week will be feel-good slack-off week.

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September 10, 2006

Name formatting

I just realized my seiyuu namedropping has been horribly inconsistent. From now on, I will use the last name, first name format on future posts if I ever refer to full Japanese names. This does not apply to affectionate nicknames.

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April 23, 2005 now using Moveable Type

Spent the last few hours rebuilding the old template into XHTML. is now running on blog software. MoveableType did everything I used to do, except it's doing it 100 times faster. I'll try using this for a while. Hopefully I am not opening up any massive security holes by converting so blindly like this.

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